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Mar 20, 2013 5:30pm PDT
$400,000 by paying his employees less than what he told the government. the report says harris is free on his own recogny sans. >>> the airline with the most boeing dreamliners is reportedly making a new monday. they want boeing to compensate it. the airline hasn't disclosed how much the grounding has cost it. during the last two weeks of january it was losing more than $8 of 8000 in revenue per plane. >>> the commissioners of the national football league spoke today. >> the competition is elevated. in large part because of the stadium. miami is a great city. they're seeing increasing competition. >>> the nfl will announce the most of super bowl 50 in may. santa clara city officials may be trying to seen the deal. they've agreed to hotel and parking tax exemptions. the move is expected to cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars. miami is vying for the super bowl but officials in south florida have refused to make the same move. >>> hewlett pack hard ceo says she's pleased with the progress that's been made. hp held its shareholder m
Mar 22, 2013 3:30pm PDT
. but in your situation call the irs and find out what is going on. >> the government has to pay this money twice, right? >> absolutely. we get hit twice. irs pays the money to the folks to the criminals and then you have to file to the actual taxpayer. >> what i do not you had it seems such an immense if not novel government waste why doesn't the irs figure out a system because can you catch these people if you cross reference it with the w2. the people take your social security number and makeup your job. if you have the w2 for that person you know they are a liar and can you catch that. why is that not happening? >> that is what they are trying to do it is a tsunami of fraud. it's been overwhelming. and irs is moving to that area. and they are trying to match the w2s with your tax return. irs was able to stop over $1.4 billion in 2011 on this type of fraud. but, again it's part of it. >> and how much went. >> we are thinking $5 billion a year. >> what are the best ways people can protect themselves? >> file early. you can only use your social security number once to file a return. if you
Mar 18, 2013 5:30pm PDT
were due today, but the government wants more time to consider letters asking that the towers remain staffed. the airports can't operate without tower personnel, but pilots and residents say they are worried about safety. >> is there state rail officials voted to issue $.6 billion in bonds for construction of the high speed rail ill system to connect san francisco to los angeles. the funding was approved by voters in 200. california high speed rail authority wants to have those bonds with construction to begin this summer the entire high speed rail system is not expected to be completed until 2028. >> >> big changes could be coming to the republican party as a result of mitt romney's loss in the last presidential election. there was a long report released from the republicans and what changes they say they have to make if they want to stay competitive. rob? >> reporter: many republicans are calling the 98 page report a makeover. after republican candidate mitt romney lost the presidential election last november, party leaders ordered an "autop
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3